Flickr: Creating, Publishing and Using Images Online

What is Flickr?

Flickr allows users to upload their photos and then share them with family, friends, or the world. Users can “tag” photos with descriptive words and phrases- key words - to help users identify and search for photos. This Common Craft: Online Photosharing in Plain English videodescribes photosharing sites like Flickr.

From an education standpoint, one of Flickr's best features is the ability to restrict viewing access to only those people who have been invited as members. This means we can work with students privately, exchanging photos and having conversations in which no one else can participate. From a classroom perspective, posting images to the Web allows us to capture highlights and easily share those with parents, classmates and colleagues.

1.Creative Commons

There are many photos posted on Flickr carrying the Creative Commons copyright license which allows the legal reuse of the images. Simply search for "Creative Commons" in the

2.A Few Examples and Ideas

(Ideas from Blogs, Wikis Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson)

This model was created by a third grader and posted by the teacher (Tim Lauer) at Lewis Elementary School. An annotation tool can be used to identify the various features of this model she created of Jane Goodall's camp in Africa. Visit the Flickr site and interact with this photo. When you drag your mouse around the photo notes pop up to identify what you are looking at.

Photo Field Trips

Students search for images from a certain part of the world, put them together in a PowerPoint or Smartboard presentation with reflection on what they found.

Random Writes

Students go to the main screen in the Creative Commons section, type in the first word that comes to mind in the tag search box and take the first image that comes up and write a story about it.

Make It Mine

Students choose an image from the Creative Commons section and modify them on their own computers and republish to Flickr giving credit to the owner.


Flickr Color Picker

This site allows you to use a slider to choose a color and Flickr will search photos for your selected color.


Highlight a word on any Webpage and Flickrreplacr will swap a photo in its place.

More Flicker Tools

There are many applications available because of the creative people regularly using Flickr. The Great Flickr Tools Collection contains MANY creative and useful tools for using Flickr with our students.