Equivalant Fractions

Funbrain - Finding the fraction that is not equivalent to the others. levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Super Brain.

Learning Planet - Match equivalent fraction (First level has 8 rounds) Then goes to 2nd level with another 8 rounds.

Helping With Math - Matching equivalent fractions

Helping With Math - Targeting equivalent fraction...You have to shoot the equivalent fraction. There are 20 questions.

The Problem Site - A concentration game. Find the equivalent fraction. You can play one player or two.

Sheppard Software - Matching games based on speed. Go up levels as you answer correctly.

Jamit - Answer 10 questions. Then you try to get Fifi across the river without falling off the icebergs. (I fell in!)

Interactive - They give you a fraction picture, then you create two new fraction pictures by adding rows and columns and coloring in the correct fraction.

Sums - Hang the monkeys on the correct equivalent fraction